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This concept was inspired by the connection of people from different backgrounds that college provides to its students in general. The idea is to create a design with different shapes and lines in different and symmetrical angles at the same time. The orange color would be the accent color in combination with a light and neutral wood/color palette, including mainly whites and different hues of greys. The area includes a waiting, community area, reception, and office, which will acommodate 8 workstations, meeting area, and a small kitchen. The Creative Hub proposal is in response to the growth of college faculty, and the desire to create facilities that support and enhance the student experience. The project intended to create something simple, functional, flexible, and dynamic.

[ Bird-eye view Floorplan ]

[ Waiting/ Community Area _1 ]

[ Waiting/ Community Area _2 ]

[ Reception ]

[ Break out Area ]

[ Workstation ]

[ Kitchen _1 ]

[ Kitchen _2 ]

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