Commercial: Local Hair Salon


"Look for beauty in everything"

This salon explores a different experience, offering contemporary hair cutting, coloring, and designing techniques. Embodying their signature blend of natural and organic ingredients, striving to provide their clients with a sanctuary for the senses. With the concept of their brand value, the overall environment and materials are raw and natural, such as using bricks and woods but still shows a contemporary design. The salon provides a consulting room, a massage room, and a break room for the salon employees. By providing a partition wall in the middle as well as a relaxing and cozy environment throughout the space, clients won't get disturbed from noise while they're waiting in the waiting area. It is not necessary but still important to have a children's area for the clients who brings their children to the salon.





[Waiting room]

[Waiting room detial]

[Children's area]

[Waiting area]


[Salon detail]


[Massage room]

[Break room]


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