Department of Design Suite


This is the project that transformed into a suite for the Department of Design of college from a general design class studio. Based on the program, the space includes reception, display space for projects, a small conference room, and a studio room for students. The suite is open-concept which allows the faculty to connect while also using resources that can help minimize the impact on the environment. This space design provides a thriving, productive, and creative space that gives "a home away from home feel."


[ Floorplan ]

[ Reception with wood texture wallcovering ]

[ Hallway ]

[ Lounge 1 ]

[ Lounge 2 ]

[ Lounge 3 ]

[ Lounge by the small conference room ] 

[ Lounge with the acoustic wall panels ]

[ Lounge and the barn door to the small conference room ]

[ Studio 1 ]

[ Studio 2 ]

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