Residential - Master Suite


This residential master suite is designed to be aesthetic overall while offering functionality. By separating the suite into compartmentalized areas, while keeping the space cohesive with an easy flow, the pair can participate in different activities without disrupting one another. Materials and finishes are reflected "industrial chic" style, keeping the space harmonious with the aesthetic and furnishings. With calming, muted colors, and strong attention to detail, this project provides a luxurious retreat that combines form and function into a cohesive space for the couples to enjoy together. 

[ Floorplan ]

[ Master bedroom detail view ]

[ Master bedroom ]

[ Master bedroom ]

[ Master bedroom ]

[ Coffee bar with sink and wine ref ]

[ Hallway ]

[ Walk-in closet ]

[ Bathroom: walk-in shower ]

[ Bathroom: sinks ]

[ Bathroom: bathtub ]

[ Bathroom: view from bathtub ]

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