Retail - Cooking Class Store


The design intent for this cooking class store is to create a social, and welcoming environment within an urban setting that has modern elements throughout for not only adults and seniors, but also kids. The pace will include exposed ceilings, painted brick walls to include the urban textures, as well as the incorporation of whites, blacks, and clean lines in the fixtures, finishes, and casework. To create a social environment, as interactive space for tastings, classes, and demonstrations, as well as customers seating will be included, offering a kitchenette, under cabinet fridge, dishwasher, and an induction cook-top.

[ Bird-Eye View Floorplan ]

[ Demonstration Kitchen ]

This small, but the mighty kitchen will be used for cooking classes and demonstrations as well as provide additional seating for customers to sit and look through books.

[ Display & Seating ]

[ Checkout ]

[ Seating & Community Area ]

[ Seating ]

[ Managers Office ]

[ ADA Restroom ]

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