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3D 인테리어

Let's start.

Hello. Welcome to Archisketch, where anyone can easily do '3D interior design'.


1. Login

After accessing the homepage, click the 'Login' button located at the top right to go to the login page.


Once you complete the login, the dashboard tutorial page will appear. The tutorial will only appear the first time you access the service.


When you click [Get Started], you will be taken to either the [Search My Home] or [Draw Floor Plan] page.


Clicking [Skip] will take you to the Archisketch dashboard. After logging in and going through the tutorial, you will arrive at the dashboard, which serves as the main page for Archisketch's services.




2. Anchor name cannot contain space characters

On the dashboard, you can review the projects you've created and use floor plans to produce content.


2-1. Content Creation

Clicking [View Project] in my project allows you to generate and review floor plans, render shots, 720 tours, and portfolio content.

  • View Project
    • Floor Plans: You can view 2D/3D floor plans.
    • Render Shots: You can view render shots captured in the render studio.
    • 720 Tour: With a 720 tour, you can explore the space you designed in virtual reality. You can view every part from ceiling to floor in 360 degrees.
    • Portfolio: You can create and share content showcasing the interiors you've designed.


2-2. Share Content

You can share the project via a link. Please click [Share Project Link].


Clicking [Generate: View Only Link] will generate the link.


Clicking [Copy Link] will copy the link to your clipboard.



3. Create New Project

There are two main ways to start a new project. Please select [New Project] located at the top right of the dashboard.


Clicking [New Project] will bring up the following options:

  • Search My Home: Start a new project using floor plans saved on the map.
  • Draw Floor Plan: Start a new project by drawing the floor plan yourself..



The beginning of change made with 3D interior technology.