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Use case 1

Two Bedroom Apartment Floorplan & Renderings

The apartment space for 560 S.F. was created to fit users' living needs and pleasures, with an atmosphere of coziness, relaxation, and creativity.
Use case 2

Retail - Cooking Class Store

The design intent for this cooking class store is to create a social, and welcoming environment within an urban setting that has modern elements throughout for not only adults and seniors, but also kids.
Use case 3

Educational/Commercial - Childcare Center

The childcare center, total 1,614 S.Q., has flexible spaces to support their learning environment that will ensure the kids' learning experiences are innovative and personalized.
Use case 4

Commercial - College Creative Hub

This concept was inspired by the connection of people from different backgrounds that college provides to its students in general.
Use case 5

Residential - Master Suite

By separating the suite into compartmentalized areas, while keeping the space cohesive with an easy flow, the pair can participate in different activities without disrupting one another.
Use case 6

Office Space in Multi-Business Building

The focus was to provide a space that is anything but the standard accounting office by creating a modern and professional vibe complimented by artistic elements.
Use case 7

Department of Design Suite

Based on the program, the space includes reception, display space for projects, a small conference room, and a studio room for students.
Use case 8

Hospitality: Hotel Lobby

The hotel lobby offers an open plan to enhance wayfinding and navigation for guests as they explore the hotel.
Use case 9

Hospitality: Hotel Rooms

Travelers all around the world can find inspiration and coziness in this space.
Use case 10

Commercial: Local Hair Salon

This salon explores a different experience, offering contemporary hair cutting, coloring, and designing techniques.
Use case 11

Academic Innovation Hub

Group projects, collaboration, studying, and tutoring can all be done in this malleable space that conforms to each individual who uses it.
Use case 12

Residential: Circular Living Tiny House

Circular living is a tiny house community targeted towards college students.
Use case 13

Modern Residential Apartment

The two bedroom apartment was designed to be a simple and tranquil living space amidst the bustling Seoul city.
Use case 14

Residential: Single Story House

The house was designed with the idea that the earth is harmonious within its many layers of life bringing unity through variety.
Use case 15

Office Interior

This welcoming and comfortable workplace interior project emphasizes the overall industrial feeling of the space.